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Connecting entrepreneurial law school faculty and students with other networks of innovators, in order to fill the need to have law and legal processes represented in multidisciplinary teams empowered to address social, civic, and economic development challenges through the design and implementation of technology-assisted solutions and data-driven policy development.

LTL Community

The LTL couldn’t exist without the hard work and collaboration of institutions, companies and individuals from around the world. Get to know the LTL Community!
Project Leaders

Meet the people that spearhead our projects and work to bring you new and innovative legal technologies

Universities and Law Schools

Universities and law schools that work in conjunction with us to help create, develop, and test our projects


Businesses and individuals that believe in our mission and offer resources to support our organization and projects

Startups and
Tech Companies

Innovative and forward-thinking ventures that aid our work to empower entrepreneurs and make the law and legal processes more efficient

Government and Non-Profit Organizations

Governmental entities and non-profit organizations that share their challenges, work with us to overcome those challenges and lend aid and assistance our projects

Law Firms and
Other Collaborators

Diverse legal professionals that bring knowledge and experience to our specialty network and assist with the content of our projects

Submit a Project Idea

Introduce your innovation to our network of legal and technology professionals!


Share an Existing

Work with the LTL and our resources to advance your current legal technology project!


Sponsor a

Help support the LTL community and bring new and exciting technologies into the global legal environment!


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Social Media

Join, follow, connect and share with us on your favorite social media outlet!


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