About UsThe LTL originated as an outgrowth of several key events at intersections of legal technology, access to law, lawyering and justice, and entrepreneurship, and continues to evolve as both the size of the LTL community and the opportunities created by their connections to other networks of innovators expands.

Project Leader(s): Tony Luppino (UMKC)
Tony Luppino (Principal Investigator on the LTL grant)

His scholarship and conference presentations focus primarily on legal and policy issues significantly affecting entrepreneurs, and on entrepreneurship education. He was the principal organizer of the Law & Entrepreneurship Special Interest Group of the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE), and has served for several years as lead editor of the Entrepreneurship Law (EshipLaw) website powered by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.  As outgrowths of his work in urban innovation and civic entrepreneurship through an interdisciplinary Law, Technology & Public Policy course, he has become one of UMKC’s principal contacts with the MetroLab Network and a founder and leader of the Legal Technology Laboratory. Prof. Luppino earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Dartmouth College, his J.D. from Stanford Law School, and an LL.M. in Taxation from the Boston University School of Law.