About UsThe LTL originated as an outgrowth of several key events at intersections of legal technology, access to law, lawyering and justice, and entrepreneurship, and continues to evolve as both the size of the LTL community and the opportunities created by their connections to other networks of innovators expands.

Project Leader(s): John Cummins (QMUL)
John Cummins (LTL Program Director)

In the legal space, John led the groundbreaking European-funded initiative ('iLINC') to build a European network of university law clinics to provide legal support to entrepreneurs and start-ups. As part of iLINC's global outreach program, John was one of the initial founders of the Legal Technology Laboratory of which he is now the Program Director.

John has his own company (Innovation Partners Ltd) and is affiliated with several universities: he is a Technology Fellow at Queen Mary University London and was recently a Visiting Fellow at the University of Cambridge. He is also on the Industry Advisory Board for the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics at the University of Brighton. John has a Masters Degree in Engineering from Brunel University in London and the Fraunhofer Research Institute in Germany.