LTL Mission

The LTL's efforts to help spark change within the communities it serves

In carrying outs its mission, the LTL applies interdisciplinary and multi-institution projects-based and technology-assisted approaches to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Improve access to legal services, legal processes, and justice for the currently underserved through the application and deployment of a range of technologies that enhance the efficient and affordable delivery of legal services.
  • Facilitate the creation or enhancement of vibrant ecosystems for various forms of entrepreneurship (for-profit economic development, social entrepreneurship, and civic entrepreneurship) by reducing or eliminating barriers to the startup, growth and sustainability of ventures and initiatives.
  • Promote a culture of creativity and opportunity by assisting data-driven development of well-balanced policies and practices that make law and lawyering “enablers” rather than “disablers” of innovation.
  • Institute avenues and systems for the formation of teams of talented individuals from legal education with teams of talented individuals from  networks with which LTL connects (including, among others, the MetroLab Network, Code for America, International Legal Hackers, EshipLaw, and iLINC) to both maintain the rule of law and improve society through the concurrent (as opposed to reactive) design and implementation of “people first” reforms in law and policy as new technologies are being developed.
  • Providing a follow-on prototyping (test-bed) capability for projects emerging from other law technology labs/programs and Legal Hackathon events that interact with the LTL.
  • Improve the training of the lawyers of tomorrow by ensuring that LTL projects expose law students to cutting-edge technology with law, lawyering or legal processes components, and to the challenges of policy development in an age of rapidly accelerating technology innovations.