The latest LTL news, progress on LTL Projects, and other updates in the legal technology field

The Legal Technology Laboratory held its annual event in Kansas City, MO

Professor Anthony Luppino from UMKC School of Law speaking at an event

The most recent  LTL Event was held at the Kauffman Conference Center in Kansas City on November 16-17. Over the course of two days, approximately 65 members of the extended LTL Community were able to experience the full portfolio of LTL projects from all of the Project Leaders in detail, as well as to engage in a working session to create a new financial instrument to support entrepreneurs and job creation.

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Legal Specification Language Development (Oliver Goodenough, Vermont)

Oliver Goodenough – Vermont Law

On September 8 and 9, more than 50 participants gathered at the Stanford Law School for an initial working session on the Legal Specification Protocol (LSP). This LTL supported initiative gathered stakeholders ranging from entrepreneurial business leaders to legal service providers, technology companies, academics, and government agencies to begin a process that will lead to the promulgation of a coordinated, interoperable standard for embodying contracts and other legal formulations as executable computer code.

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Developing New Applications for Smart Contracts (Aaron Wright, Cardozo)

OpenLaw - Real Time Employee Offer Letter Demo

Development of OpenLaw has proceeded at a rapid pace, enabling (for the first time) the creation and execution of legal agreements that rely on a blockchain for storage and digital signatures, while at the same time permitting the execution of blockchain-based smart contracts.  Cardozo students assisted with the creation of two legal agreements that rely on OpenLaw’s legal markup language—an employee offer letter and a token purchase agreement. 

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