The latest LTL news, progress on LTL Projects, and other updates in the legal technology field

For over a year, the LTL projects have made some great advancements. For example, the Start-up Advisor Toolkit initiative (with two sub-projects) have been rolled out to a number of clinics across the US, and going forward there are some exciting further developments to be expected  in terms of making access to legal support even easier for entrepreneurs. “Data Analytics” was a key theme and several LTL  projects have developed a range of tools that show great promise, both in local and global contexts. We invite you to read the project updates on the respective project pages to find out more. 

In addition to the LTL Project Leaders, also participating were several directors of entrepreneurship legal clinics from law schools across the US (all of whom have been involved in LTL projects), along with many individuals from the local business and social and civic entrepreneurship communities in the Kansas City region. This provided a unique opportunity to show how the LTL can produce from its community talented, value-adding members of interdisciplinary and multi-institutional teams engaged in developing new approaches to solving tangible problems - a powerful “instrument of collaboration on demand” to help address pressing issues at the intersection of law, entrepreneurship, technology and public policy.

As we look toward 2018, we expect LTL to continue to generate a range of innovative new projects and provide from its ranks law faculty, law students, and other resources to strengthen entrepreneurial teams taking on challenges in economic development, social and civic entrepreneurship, and access to justice, If you are interested in participating in such endeavors, please reach out and contact us.