Solutions, technologies and tools being used to develop LTL Projects or useful in legal technology projects

Neota Logic in Brief

A multipurpose platform for the development of automated legal processes, NeotaLogic offers a sophisticated AI reasoning engine with mathematical and multifactor (weighted scoring) capacity. This flexible base can be supplemented with third-party algorithms and services, such as Wolfram Cloud. Through an intuitive interface that visually represents the relationships between component processes, app-builders with minimal coding expertise – i.e. lawyers rather than IT specialists - can engineer applications that draw together aspects of the best current work in different areas of legal technology to accomplish multi-stage tasks, and integrate them into broader Business Process Management infrastructure. A Neota-built app might start by performing what amounts to legal research, draw and interpret data from company files, and then act on its findings in any number of ways: generating documents, presenting advice, or triggering workflows as required.

Neota’s flagship out-of-the-box application, PerfectNDA, follows a set of legal rules to determine which NDA template to use depending on the context in which it is accessed by a user, collects the data required to complete the document, emails it to all relevant parties, arranges electronic signing, and files appropriately. Neota’s logic engine is also behind the ComplianceHR suite, which comprises applications designed to meaningfully represent HR data and enable speedy detection and resolution of compliance problems in that area.