Solutions, technologies and tools being used to develop LTL Projects or useful in legal technology projects

Data61/Digital Legislation in Brief

Csiro’s Digital Legislation is a front runner in the movement to codify the law and represents two steps into the future of Intelligent Legal Compliance. The first step, already in testing, aims to create an open database of logic rules based on legal documents which might form the backbone of any number of compliance checking applications developed on an equally open gateway API. Its mechanism is a regulation editing program that can be used to semi-automatically parse legal documents into logic to be reviewed and endorsed by regulators. This differs from existing intelligent compliance platforms in that rather than automating checking processes lawyers have derived by manually analyzing legal requirements, it offers automated assistance in codifying those requirements so that an checking application can be more easily constructed upon them.. Csiro has already created exemplar applications, including a permits and licenses concierge for new businesses and, in partnership with PwC, a payroll checker.