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Clio in Brief

Clio is an ultra-light, market-leading practice management tool aimed at small firms and solo practitioners. Clio’s broad, cloud-based functionality encompasses simple elements of document automation, traditional practice management elements such as matter organization, task templates (checklist flows for repeated activities) and timekeeping, client payments, and document storage. Its interface is ideally suited to mobile and tablet use and permits instant access to a range of practice health indicators and deadline notifications on a dashboard homepage. Clio integrates easily with third-party software that might handle a range of tasks from accounting (e.g Xero) to calendars (Office) to document management (OneDrive).

Clio’s business model is software-as-a-service and prices start at £49 per user/month, which is markedly cheaper than enterprise-level practice management solutions. Additionally, it is offered free to law students and faculty through the Clio Academic Access Program.

Clio and other platforms

Though not designed for enterprise-level deployment, Clio’s breadth and ease of use sets it apart from traditional practice management software (e.g. Time Matters) or more specialised automation tools that provide some degree of broader functionality (e.g. ContractExpress).