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Relativity in Brief

KCura’s Relativity is a leading Electronic Discovery (‘e-discovery’) platform. Directed at document-heavy activities such as law and public policy, these data analytics tools identify, collect, and organize electronically stored information. They are designed to minimize the amount of time spent on manual document review by automatically assessing relevance and distilling cumbersome volumes of data into easily digested forms. Their emphasis on processing unstructured legal or quasi-legal information for sector-specific purposes, such as Early Case Assessment and Legal Hold, separate them from generalized data analytics products.

Relativity provides tailored solutions for corporations, government departments, and law firms. Aiming to empower subject-matter experts to direct enquiries with minimum support from IT professionals, it provides an intuitive interface with easily understood filtering mechanisms for collection instructions and analysis. Relativity can examine all manner of data sources, whether emails, contracts, or databases, wherever they are stored, and can be integrated into metadata handling services and highly deterministic workflow organizations.

Relativity and other platforms

This flexibility sets it apart from similar players in the legal sphere.[1] Compared to LexisNexis’ Concordance and Prediscovery services, which are well-established, reasonably-priced, and backed by a trusted brand, Relativity’s functionality is wider. It deals better with the ever-increasing volume and variety of data that legal service providers are expected to understand, and is more suited to process integration.

Relativity has support from professional services giants, including Deloitte, and numerous specialist litigation outfits. Partnered data analytics consultancies serve clients without the resources to construct bespoke integrations in-house. It is sold directly to enterprises and available to smaller buyers as software-as-a-service.