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Project Sponsor(s): Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Other Collaborators: Consensys Technologies (Technology), Kansas City Government, MO, The Code for America KC Brigade, Jo Elliott (Penn State)
Academic Collaborators: Missouri Western State University
Project Leader(s): Chris Kopecky (UMKC)
Project Status: Open

Currently tailored to the Kansas City, Missouri region, this tool aims to assist businesses, individuals, and governments by establishing more efficient processes for granting multiple permits to small business, tradesmen, real estate developers, and other applicants. This project has started to establish a tried-and-tested (and replicable) set of approaches for tackling legal process reengineering approaches that can be readily shared in different localities.

A major goal of this project is to reduce the current disadvantage faced by many emerging entrepreneurs and other permit seekers of modest means who cannot reasonable afford to pay a “permits navigator” to help them through the morass of applications red tape. This Project acts to decrease the financial and administrative barriers to entrepreneurship encountered in the permitting process. This will hopefully encourage plumbers, house-flippers, contractors, and anyone else required to get permit(s) to move forward with their businesses or other activities in a less costly and more expeditious manner.


Project members have met with City Planning personnel at KCMO and discussed review of some of the question strings to make them less technical and adding other questions to aid in completing the repairs interface as well as new plumbing projects. Members have also initiated contact with other cities to discuss their permitting processes, looking particularly at smart permits.

Current and future progress focuses on:  
Reviewing descriptors with KCMO - giving input on altering them to better help customers who are not professionals understand and navigate quicker
Give descriptor suggestions in layman's terms for permits/situations
Review and give thoughts and suggestions on the new site that the City of KCMO is getting ready to launch Create question chains that can be used in the Q&A markup to direct people to the right permit they are needing Research about other cities' Permits process
Coding/Programing to avoid issues such as white-listing, images, files being too large

Project Introduction

Project Leaders

  • Chris Kopecky

    Chris Kopecky

    Faculty Fellow in Law and Entrepreneurship at UMKC School of Law, UMKC School of Law.

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